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Oaks of California by Cachuma Press
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Oaks of California

Bruce M. Pavlik, Pamela C. Muick,
Sharon G. Johnson, and Marjorie Popper

Oaks of California celebrates the unique place of these trees in California 's natural and cultural heritage. Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for best "Regional" book, it continues to be the definitive popular guide to California 's most emblematic tree species and is updated with each new printing.


184 pages; 7.5" x 10.25"; 150+ color photos; 5 historic black and white photos; 10 original watercolor illustrations; 8 color range maps; glossary; bibliography; index; ISBN: 0-9628505-1-9


"This engagingly executed work honors a botanical part of California as important if not as famous as its redwoods. Do not miss this significant, visually stunning book!"

"Oaks of California is unique in its wide appeal to both specialists as well as enthusiasts. Obscure yet captivating details invite exploration into the world of oaks while providing depth to match the book's substantial ecological and historical breadth."

Contains "a wealth of scientific information, while maintaining graceful and lucid prose. The book accomplishes the formidable challenge of being comprehensive without ever becoming dull."
-Pacific Discovery

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